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For the past 160 years, SINGER® has held special memories in the minds of millions of sewers worldwide. Share your SINGER® story and become a part of history and our celebration.

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My name is Sarah and this is my story....

Submitted by sarah on August 13, 2014
My name is Sarah and this is my story. I am 18 now and as a child I was molested so to forget the horrible memories I taught myself to so . I worked two jobs to get my own sewing machine but as a young 16 year old I was never able to make enough money so I used my mothers. I have dreamed of having my own sewing machine , but just found that they are so expensive. I have over come so much hate in my life and this machine would be a dream come true. now I know to most that seems stupid but I love to sew and have just recently gotten a scholarship in fashion design but must have own machine, please help me achieve my dream . I am a survivor and weather or not I win this machine I will continue to try! My mother has always told me to just have hope and faith,

Deze naaimachiene gekocht bij de...

Submitted by Rineke on August 11, 2014
Deze naaimachiene gekocht bij de kringloop Den Haag wil graag weten hoe oud hij is.

Went to a yard sale and found my first...

Submitted by Susan on August 08, 2014
Went to a yard sale and found my first Singer Feathweight 221-1. The serial # is AH568395. It was born Apr. 20, 1948 which just happens to be my birth year as well. I find that pretty exciting. I was told that over the weekend they would be bringing more items out. Went back the following day and they had brought out a 222K, serial # EK329787 born Mar 14, 1956 which i also purchased. I am one lucke lady to own one of each. They stitch beautifully.

Ok, here is a photo of my Singer...

Submitted by Chris on August 05, 2014
Ok, here is a photo of my Singer treadle machine. There are several dates on the plate, the most recent being 1910. Thanks again for any help you or your readers can provide.

I hope you can help me. I am a 62 year...

Submitted by Chris on August 05, 2014
I hope you can help me. I am a 62 year old who never learned to sew! 30 years ago I bought a vintage Singer treadle machine hoping one day to learn how to use it and begin sewing, but alas I found myself busy running a cottage industry (making soap) and caring for more than 3 dozen stray and injured cats. Fast forward to now, and I have finally taken a look at the old machine, serial number C1851625. I've cleared away the dust and cobwebs (the machine was oiled and in working order when I bought it but it has never been used since I purchased it.). The leather belt is missing (a little girl removed it years ago and it got lost) But I haven't a clue how to use the machine, not even how to thread it and I suspect some things I need may be missing (besides the belt) like bobbin holders or something?? Please help! I would love to learn to sew on it, even simple things like curtains. Is there a good book out there that explains how to work one of these machines and how to sew on one? I will take a photo of it today and send it along if you like. Many thanks for any help you can provide.

I found my first Singer Featherweight...

Submitted by Karla on July 20, 2014
I found my first Singer Featherweight 221-1 at a moving sale yesterday! When I saw that black box on a table, I knew instinctively what was in there. She's in impeccable condition and I am now a proud owner, a quilter who is very happy to have one. Most quilters desire this machine and now I know why; she makes a gorgeous stitch!
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